Closets are an interactive item in The Very Organized Thief. Like their counterpart Wardrobes, they only appear twice in the game.

Appearance Edit

The Closet doors are the same color as the Wardrobe doors; light brown with yellow handles.

Inside Edit

Inside the Closets, there is a small room with light blue paint, like the rest of the house. There are clothes hanging, but you can walk right through them.

Uses Edit

Besides being able to find one loot-able item inside closets, the Guitar, there is another tactic: hiding. However, unlike their Wardrobe counterparts, hiding in Closets was actually a tactic Redefinition Games, the creators of the game, created in order to get an achievement which you can see below. Also, Closets are much easier to hide in than Wardrobes.

Achievements Edit

You can get the achievement "Closet Clobbering" by doing the following:

1. Start a new game and hide in one of the Closets (they are planted in the wall, and only appear in the First and Second Bedrooms. The Safe's room is NOT a Closet.)

2. Wait for The Owner to arrive. If he doesn't open the Closet's door for a few minutes, go outside the Closet and find him. When he gives chase, retreat back to the Closet.

3. Wait for the Owner to subdue you. When he does, you'll get the achievement.

Trivia Edit

  • Closets were actually made to hide in.