Objective Edit

The objective of the game is to collect all the items (loot) on the player's checklist, collect as many money stacks as possible, and to escape from the owner, all in as little time as possible.

Controls Edit

  • To move around the house, use WASD keys or the arrow keys.
  • Press "Q" to open up the "Things to 'Borrow'" List, the items you need to steal.
  • Use space bar to interact with the items around you (pick them up, put them down, or "borrow" them)
  • Use left Shift key to sprint
  • Press "E" to turn the torch (flashlight) on or off.
  • Press "ESC" to pause/unpause the game
  • Use "CTRL" to crouch (important when hiding from the Owner).

Tips Edit

  • In order to immobilize the owner, place objects on the ground, and he will not be able to thread upon.
  • Cut the wires in the power box in the laundry room before spending too much time in the house.
    • Its important to cut from (respectively): Right, Left and Center
  • Wielding any item in front of you may cause the owner to completely ignore you.
  • After finishing the game, you will be ranked according on how many things you have taken, the time to finish the game, and the amount of cash you have taken. See Ranks of a Thief for more information.

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