Grandfather clock

The Grandfather Clock in it's natural habitat.

The Grandfather Clock is a game mechanic and an object in The Very Organized Thief.

Appearance Edit

The Grandfather Clock is a tall brown clock with a golden pendulum on the inside and black clock hands. It uses Roman Numerals.

Usage Edit

After about two minutes, the Grandfather Clock will chime. This indicates that the player is running out of time before The Owner gets home. About thirty seconds to two minutes after the chime plays, The Owner will arrive home. This chime can give the player a helpful warning.

Trivia Edit

  • When the clock chimes, it only chimes eight times. Connecting this to real life grandfather clocks, that would mean it's only 8:00 PM when you're stealing, which is odd considering that 8:00 PM is a little early to steal items from someone's house.