Power Box

The unopened power box.

The Power Box is extremely important if you don't want to set off the alarm when looting The Safe. Which wire cuts the power? Which one is the alarm? Questions that many players ask...

Location Edit

The Power Box sits on the laundry room wall, in between the kitchen and garage on the first floor.

Appearance Edit

The Power Box is a small, black, rectangular box. An alarm light is on the side of it. Inside, there are three wires, red, green and blue (from left to right).

Wires Edit

Many people who have just discovered the Power Box will cut the wires from left to right. BIG MISTAKE! The red wire trips off the alarm, causing the owner to hurry home. For those of you who work in the shadows...or just don't want to be seen easily, the green wire is the one to cut (if you didn't get it, it cuts the lights). The blue wire is the most important. Opening the safe will trigger the alarm even if you put in the right code. To solve this problem, cut the blue wire. Cutting the blue wire also makes it safe to cut the red wire. The safest order to disconnect the wires in is right to left (blue, green, then red last).


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