Tree with presents and train

A Christmas tree with presents and a toy train.

The Seasonal Items are types of items you can loot in The Very Organized Thief. These types of items you can only find in certain seasons, respectively.

Australia Day (Jan. 26 - Feb. 2) Edit

During Australia Day, a few unique items can be found. Australia's flag also spawns in the foyer.

Australian Flags

This will not appear on the player's list, but collecting all of the Australian flags on Australia day will give one the Flag Finder achievement.


Shrimp is also an item that the player will not typically be asked to find. It can be found in the fridge in the kitchen. Putting the shrimp on the barbecue in the garage will give the player the "Shrimp at the Barbie" achievement.


The didgeridoo is an instrument native to Australia. It is colorful, with different colored bands. It can only be found on the back of the sofa in the family room.


The boomerang is an item that may appear on one's list. It can be found in the first bedroom.


The player will not usually be asked to find is the stuffed koala bear. It is light grey in color and can be found hanging from the cabinets in the kitchen, the shelf in the garage, in the office on the bookshelf, or in the second bedroom.

Easter (April 18- April 25) Edit

Easter Eggs

During the Easter season, eggs can be found throughout the house. They appear to have no purpose.


A giant blue bunny resides in the foyer during the season.

Bunny Window Decorations

Bunny window decorations can be found throughout the house.

Chocolate bunny

Chocolate bunnies can be found around the house. If you will collect all of them, you'll get "Chocolate Face".

Halloween (Oct. 20- Nov. 11) Edit

During the Halloween Season, there are many items around the house that are unique to that time.


Candy shows up in many places in almost every room. It takes the appearance, generally, of candy bars.


This item is a skull which can be found in places such as the upstairs banister and inside the different bedrooms.

Witch's Hat

The witch's hat is a black pointed hat that can be found on any of the many tall pink floor lamps. It is thus not a good item to go after specifically, and is better to find while in pursuit of other objects. It can sometimes be found in the office, as there is a floor lamp there.

Black Cat

The black cat appears to be a small black cat statue, which can be found all over the house; in places such as on top of bookshelves, and, on occasion, behind boxes.

Soul In A Jar

The soul in a jar first appears as a transparent ghost who then dissapears into a glowing jar that can be found anywhere in the house. Once taken the ghost will appear smiling(he usually will jump scare the player at first but he poses no threat) and follow you until the Grim Reaper arrives, then he will disappear with only is eyes and face visible.

Christmas (Dec. 1- Dec. 31) Edit

During the Christmas Season, there are a few different extra items that you can loot.

Candy Cane

During the Christmas Season, twelve Candy Canes can be found around the house. Acquiring all of them in one round gets you the achievement "Sweet Tooth Thief". They are medium-sized, and red-and-white striped. Some may not appear in the same spot every time.

Christmas Present

During the Christmas Season, there will also be ten Christmas Presents that can be found around the house. Unlike Candy Canes, Christmas Presents will always be found in the same spot and are, therefore, very simple to quickly grab each time you play. Collecting all ten of them in one round gets you the achievement "Present Fiend".

Christmas Pudding

During the Christmas Season, a cake like pudding will spawn in the Kitchen either on the counter on in the fridge.

Trivia Edit

  • În timpul zilei Australiei, proprietarul va deveni cangur
    • If Kangaroo will punch you on the ground floor you'll get "Down Under"
  • În timpul Halloweenului, proprietarul va deveni Grim Reaper