The owner owns the house items are stolen from. He will try to hit you if he sees you, it means you have to run and hide from him. You can hear him arriving home by a car that stopping near house, steps and a key is inserted into the lock. When he gets home, the door can't be barricaded. He will return home early if you trigger an alarm.

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Looks like he's a young adult boy with a brown and messy haircut. He wears a green shirt with long sleeves, brown pants and dark brown shoes. During seasonal events, he may be the most grim reaper during Halloween, a boxing kangaroo during Australia, but only his normal appearance at Christmas and Easter.

Behavior Edit

The owner is hostile and will start to become very suspicious if something is out of place or the items were missing. The owner will come home and start coming and watch you (if the player did not reduce the electricity). If he tried the player, he would start their pursuit and try to hit them. If the player is hit three times, they fail and are subjected. The owner can now open doors and closet doors (which in the previous update that he was unable to). If ever, he can sometimes freeze in his position for three seconds if he does not do anything suspicious. The owner will check the 1st floor first and then the last 2.


  • There is a glitch which allows the player to stand on the owner's head. You perform the glitch by waiting for the sounds that indicate the owner is coming home (the car, garage door etc.). Stand right up against the door, where the owner appears. When it enters the house, you will be on top of its head. You can move around, but very slowly. You will be pushed off if you try to go through a doorway.
  • The owner may become stuck in doorways if lots of items are piled up in it and the owner tries to go through it. He can break free, however.
  • Sometimes, the owner may completely ignore the player.
    • An example of this is when The Owner goes to turn on a light in the room that the player is in.
      • The Owner has been seen turning on the light in the master bedroom (the room with the safe) and walking out again when the player was right next to the closet/cupboard.
    • He may also ignore the player while doing other things too.

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