The Owner, just arriving home.

If the game is played on particular dates, the owner is replaced by other entities, additionally the house where the game takes place changes, fitting the date theme. See the Special Events section of this page, for more information, and the gallery of the page.

Appearance Edit

The owner has spiky dark brown hair. He wears a green long-sleeved shirt and brown pants. Most noticeably, he does not have a face. The gender of the owner was a mystery, but Redefiniton Games, the developer of the game, stated via[1] that the Owner is male.

Behavior Edit

Proprietarul este ostil și va începe să devină foarte suspicios dacă ceva este în afara de loc sau de elemente au fost lipsesc. Proprietarul va veni acasă și începe vin și vă urmărească (în cazul în care jucătorul nu a redus de energie electrică). Dacă el a încercat jucătorul, el va începe urmărirea lor și încercarea de a le lovi. În cazul în care jucătorul este lovit de trei ori, ei nu reușesc și sunt supus. Proprietarul poate acum ușile deschise și uși de dulap (care în actualizarea precedentă că el nu a fost în stare să) Dacă vreodată, el poate îngheța, uneori, în poziția sa timp de trei secunde, dacă nu o face nimic suspect. Proprietarul va verifica etajul 1 mai întâi și apoi a 2 ultima.

Bugs Edit

  • There used to be a glitch where the player could trap the owner in a closet. An update allowed the owner to not open closet doors, so that glitch has been fixed.
  • There is a glitch which allows the player to stand on the owner's head. You perform the glitch by waiting for the sounds that indicate the owner is coming home (the car, garage door etc.). Stand right up against the door, where the owner appears. When it enters the house, you will be on top of its head. You can move around, but very slowly. You will be pushed off if you try to go through a doorway.
  • The owner may become stuck in doorways if lots of items are piled up in it and the owner tries to go through it. He can break free, however.
  • Sometimes, the owner may completely ignore the player.
    • An example of this is when The Owner goes to turn on a light in the room that the player is in.
      • The Owner has been seen turning on the light in the master bedroom (the room with the safe) and walking out again when the player was right next to the closet/cupboard.
    • He may also ignore the player while doing other things too.

Special Events Edit

On Australia Day (January 26th), the owner is replaced by a kangaroo with red boxing gloves. If the player fails, the game over screen will show "You have been punched by a kangaroo!" instead of "You have been subdued by the owner". The kangaroo can also appear during Christmas and on ferial days, although very rarely.

During Halloween, an update called the "SpOOooky update" replaces the owner with a scythe-wielding Grim Reaper. On this occasion, this scary master's arrival at home is greeted with weird music, while a storm starts outside. When the player is caught by the Grim Reaper, instead of the usual game over message : "You have been subdued by the owner" the message will say "The reaper has doomed your soul!".

Gallery Edit

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