Strategies Edit

  • Plan A - Stealth or Escapist

To start off, you're going to want to look at your checklist of things to "borrow" Once you've identified what you need, search the first floor first. Make your way to the laundry room. It is off the kitchen, through the door by the fridge. In this room there is a box with cords that you can disconnect (Power Box). The blue disables alarms tripping from the cutting wires, green turns off electricity, meaning no turning on of lights, and red which is the alarm system, first cut the blue, then red, and lastly, green Next, find the office key. Make your way up to the second floor. Find all the items you can. Some items such as headphones, watch, and computer tower might be in the office, so use your key to open the door. If you heard the grandfather clock go off at any point, that means the owner will soon be home. Open the top drawer on the computer desk in the office to find the code to the safe (it is always in there). Now open the safe in the Master Bedroom closet to get the goldbar (which always spawns in there) and 6 money stacks.

But by the time you do all of this, the owner might be coming. You will know the owner is coming when you here a car pull up, windows going up, and a car door closing. When the owner is about to come in, you will hear keys. The owner always comes through the front door, searches the first floor first, then the second, and will chase you if he spots you, he will try to punch you. Avoid him at all costs, or you will be subdued. And because of all this, it is safest to sprint (left Shift) into the garage and escape through the door there.But don't panic if it says "Owner is outside" because then you will just have to wait until the owner comes in, meanwhile, SPAM SPACE BAR to escape.

  • Plan B - Barricade

Now, Plan B. When you spawn, don't bother looking at what you need. Look behind you and pick up things (Space bar) and block the door. It is best to use plants, chairs, stools, lamps, end tables, pillows, couch cushions, or boxes. If you are done early, trip off the alarm so the owner comes and wait. When the owner comes in, he will most likely be stuck (depending on how much you barricaded) and will not move. Now you are free to get whatever you want, and if you want, wait until you get an achievement that rewards you for being in the house for 10 minutes, when you escape you will also get another achievement for escaping after 7 minutes. And apparently if you're really up for it, you will get "Marathon Thief" rank for being in the house for 1 hour. You can also get "Smasher" by smashing 10 wine bottles in the house. Pineapple in THE BEDROOM!!

  • Plan C - Master Thief
Master Thief

This plan for players who played this game more then 2 hours and trained. When you spawn, look at your checklist. Use this wiki to search where these items can be, check all the rooms carefully. Start from Living room, then Kitchen, then Laundry, then Garage, then Living. Go to 2nd floor and check Bathroom, then Room right from Bathroom, then Next one room, where Sticker collection can be, then Master bedroom. Try to find as much as you can, but you have only 3 minutes (after 4 minutes owner will arrive) to do that. Then cut Blue and Green wire (Do NOT cut red) at the Laundry room. When you'll found The Office key, head to 2nd floor, open the office. Check first drawer on the desk, there must be code. Go to Master Bedroom and enter code. Remember, you have only 1 minute to do that! Then, stole everything from safe and go down to garage. If you did everything right, owner must arrive! Escape in garage door, pressing Space. Congratulations! You are now Master Thief!

(Plan made by ya_Bob_Jonez)

Stopping the Owner Edit

  • In order to immobilize the owner, place objects on the ground, and he will not be able to thread upon.
  • Wielding any item in front of you may cause the owner to completely ignore you.
  • You can stop the owner for an extremely large amount of time if you barricade the stairs with various items from the upper floor.
  • You may be able to trap the owner in a closet for the rest of the round (This was fixed) but it is extremely difficult. You can also trap the owner behind the bathroom door if you glitch up on the toilet and push him around with an object.
  • You can also trap the owner outside the garage for a very long time by taking the boxes from the garage and placing them on the floor in front of the door frame. The owner will hop onto the boxes and will no longer fit through the door.

All Money Stacks Edit

Getting all loot. This may seem easy, but it's not. Money stacks will spawn in many locations. Bookshelves, In the main bedroom, in the bathroom, in dressers, etc. But there are places where money is guaranteed to spawn.

  • In the garage: in the crate (x3) / in the cabinet with the Teddy bear
  • In the safe room: in the safe (x6)
  • In the bathroom: underneath the sink
  • In the bedroom without the TV / game console / DVD player: in the bottom drawer & in the closet
  • In the bedroom without the TV / game console / DVD player:
  • In the kitchen: in one of the top cupboards & behind the wine bottles
  • In the laundry: on the shelf
  • In the TV lounge: on the book shelf (on the far right)
  • In the office: on the bookshelf
  • In the master bedroom: on the bedside table & in the closet
  • In somewhere in the house
  • in the far bedroom:in the cubord

(please add to this list if you know there are more)

Breaking the Game Edit

are some ways to make you die of laughter, or cackle like a witch.

  • Get on the owner's head. When the owner is coming in, hug the door by getting as close as possible. When the owner comes in, you will be on his head.
  • Disguise. Putting big objects in front of you might cause the owner to ignore you.
  • Invincible. Back into a corner while holding something in front of you or in a corner by a table. When the owner attacks he will not hit you. If you move though, it won't end well for you.
  • Spawn Trap. Barricade the front door before the owner gets in, sometimes he can't push all the objects out of the way.
  • Locking the owner into rooms. This is hard. To do this you must lure the owner into a room with objects everywhere, then get out and move the objects in front of the door (on the inside of the room) and close the door, sometimes the owner will not be able to push the objects out of the way and will become stuck.

Other Tips Edit

  • Do not get in the room the owner is in.
  • If you are hiding do NOT do it in front of where the owner will be looking.
  • Don't think of the grandfather clock as annoying, this indicates that 2 minutes have past and you have 2 minutes until the owner arrives.
  • Check you cut the blue and red wires before entering a code in the safe.
    • Cutting the wires all in order will alert the owner immediately, it is important to cut in the following order: Right, Left and Center
  • Search the first floor, then the second floor.
  • Don't hide in the closets too long, the owner will eventually check them.
  • Hold "Q" before you're game starts to get a head start. (To show the "Borrow" list.)
  • Use sprint (Shift) to your advantage.
  • Use crouch (Ctrl) to your advantage.
  • Play a lot to learn all locations of your objects. Practice makes perfect!
  • The lawnmower, bicycle, barbecue, safe, microwave, painting, and portrait of a lady all spawn in the same room every time.
  • The owner can appear to be a kangaroo on Australia Day (or a reaper during Halloween) which is an Easter egg.
  • After finishing the game, you will be ranked according on how many things you have taken, the time to finish the game, and the amount of cash you have taken. See Ranks of a thief for more information.