Wardrobes are interactive items in The Very Organized Thief. They cannot be picked up, but their doors can be opened. There are only two in the house - one in the First Bedroom and one in the Master Bedroom.

Appearance Edit

The Wardrobes are brown with yellow handles. The doors are a lighter shade of brown than the actual structure itself.

Inside Edit

Inside the Wardrobes, there is a large, empty area, presumably for hanging clothes. Above this empty area there is a smaller shelf, which normally hold loot-able items.

Uses Edit

As of now, there is only one use for the Wardrobe besides being able to interact with the doors: hiding. However, hiding in Wardrobes is a tactic not commonly used for these reasons:

1. The Owner CAN see you inside the Wardrobes and WILL easily find you. This is because the inside of the Wardrobes are too thin for your entire hitbox (your hitbox is the distance that The Owner can and cannot hit you) and if the player actually had an in-game player model, parts of it would clip through the doors.

2. It is relatively difficult for the player to even get inside a Wardrobe. And to add to that, it is harder for the player to get out of the Wardrobe and you may even get trapped inside it.

3. The Wardrobe's model glitches when you are inside it and you can pass through a wooden divider in the middle of it. You can also partially see outside of the Wardrobe.

4. If The Owner finds you in a Wardrobe, it is nearly impossible to get out.

Location Edit

The wardrobes can be found in the Master Bedroom and the First Bedroom.

Trivia Edit

  • The Wardrobe's doors all make the same sound.